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  • Size: 8" x 10"
  • Durable plastic front and back cover.
  • Black spiral binding
  • 100 pages
  • 3 adhesive sticky tab pads
  • Includes 1 Black Uni-ball Gel Pen - the best pen ever.
  • 2024 12-month Planner, created by a Planner Die-Hard, for the Planner Die-Hards.



You will be uploading 12 photos for your planner.Upload and submit each photo individually. Your photos can be emailed to You can also upload your photos at the bottom of this page or the Contact Me page.



  • Cover - Durable plastic front and back covers. Personalized with your name. Inner cover includes 3 adhesive sticky tab pads. Writable (sharpie or gel pen suggested), water-resistant, and easy to remove. Tab colors may vary. Perfect for flagging important dates and notes.
  • Goals Page - Personalized with your name. Space for 10 personal goals - where the focus goes, energy flows
  • 12-Month Calendar - Each month is personalized with one personal photo! Includes complimenting lined page for each month's special notes and reminders.
  • Daily To-Do Pages  - Includes space to write in each day's date - this will save on wasted paper for those days that you don't need a To-Do List. A 2-column checklist will provide plenty of space for all of your 'daily to-doings'.  Also features space for daily notes, water intake, and an 'I am thankful for' list. It's the perfect way to map out a well-balanced, well-organized day. 
  • Shopping List & Weekly Menu Pages - 12 pages dedicated organizing your  grocery shopping list more efficiently and plan your menu for the week.
  • Holiday Pages - 4 pages dedicated to holiday organization - 2 My Wish List & 2 Christmas Gift List pages. Make your list, check it twice!
  • Passwords Pages - a safe 'offline' place to keep track of all of your usernames & passwords.



The Ultimate 2024 Planner

Excluding Sales Tax
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